Hello, welcome to Combat Daddy Equipment's web-site.  Combat Daddy Equipment was developed by fathers with military Special Operation experience.  Our product is not only formfunctioning, but also has a combat look.


We developed Combat Daddy Equipment for dads that don't want to carry around a girly looking diaper bag.  Moms, if you want your husband to start carrying your diaper supplies without complaints, then switch to a diaper bag that your husband won't be embarrassed to carry, it's time to man him back up, and buy him a Combat Daddy Equipment bag today!

Our military bag is large enough to take on multiday trips or just down to the restaurant for a bite.  We have incorporated a changing station right into the bag’s design, along with a cooler compartment for keeping drinks cool and much, much more. No more getting looks for carrying that pink bag with the flowers and butterflies on it, now you can stand tall with your dignity intact.