Hunting Daddy Equipment Diaper Bag

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Hunting Daddy Equipment is a spin-off of our popular Combat Daddy Equipment Line. Our Products were developed by fathers with military Special Operation experience. Our product is not only form functioning, but also has a combat look. We developed Fishing Daddy Equipment for dads that don't want to carry around a girly looking diaper bag. Moms, if you want your husband to start carrying your diaper supplies without complaints, then switch to a diaper bag that your husband won't be embarrassed to carry, it time to man him back up, and buy him a Fishing Daddy Equipment bag today! Our military style bag is large enough to take on multiday trips a day out on the boat or just down to the restaurant for a bite. We have incorporated a changing station right into the bag's design, along with a cooler compartment for keeping drinks cool and much, much more. No more getting looks for carrying that pink bag with the flowers and butterflies on it, now you can stand tall with your dignity intact. The FDE (Fishing Daddy Equipment) was a redeveloped in to the Mark Two (MK2), after receiving customers feedback. Many of our fellow military dads wanted us to add MOLLE straps to the back of the backpack and to make the Combat Daddy Equipment patch removable, so they could add their own Unit and Squadron patches. We were surprised at how many non military dads where buying our diaper bag, and we received a large request for a solid generic color, so we change the color to tan (or Desert Khaki for our military friends), making the bag more universal.
Desert Khaki with Woodland Camouflage Pattern Trim
  • Hunting Daddy Equipment is made with 600 x600 Denier polyester, 7.85 oz. per square yard total weight, 1.25 oz. polyurethane back coating, and durable water repellent finish, this quality is 100% military grade polyester.
  • Our product was designed from a collective of members from Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal, and Air Force Pararescue operators. the FDE (Hunting Daddy Equipment), is a redesigned CDE M1 Diaper bag. The M1 is similar to a Combat Medic's backpack and a EOD's backpack, this allowed for the maximum use of the space and function for different types of mission. We have incorporated these same principals into our bag
  • Removable Logo Patch
  • Enlarged internal expandible cooler
  • MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) Straps added to the Back

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