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CDE Gear Our Story

The Idea for Combat Daddy Equipment may have started with my first born child, but the inspiration and vision started back in 2002 while being deployed overseas. I was looking for a single bag that would be versatile, durable and comfortable enough for me to use in a daily bases; unfortunately, there wasn’t one. I decided on using an existing bag and converted it by adding some features and removing others.


After returning home, back to the United States, I started converting other bags for myself.  I at first, I used the bags that I already had for my rock climbing gear, snowboard equipment, and mountain biking. I did this because I wanted to improve on the designs and function of these products, but it wasn’t until my first child was born that I felt that I needed to make a bag from scratch.


I talked with several current and prior service Special Operations military friends that have kids, and ask then what challenges that that had ran into with using their current diaper bags, the list took up several pages of notes.  One of the biggest complaints was the difficulties in the physical act of changing a diaper.  Having to open different compartment and turning the diaper bag around to access the diaper, the wipes, rash creams, baby powder, and spare outfit, all the while keeping one hand on their baby on the changing table.


The second challenge for most of them was finding a changing table in the men’s room; most changing tables are located in the women’s room, if they even have them at all.  I asked how do they overcome this obstacle, some said they just tell their wife “Sorry honey, there is no changing table in the men’s room” followed by a huge grim on their face (something they pay for latter), others told me that they bring a towel with them to lie down and make do with what they have.


To approach these first two challenges, we decided to design the bag with a changing table built-in to the back of our backpack and added pockets for all supplies needed to change a dipper.  The idea came from a Special Operations medical backpack that our corpsman used.  These bags were design so a corpsman can keep one hand on the patient and one hand free to reach for medical supplies.  We felt that this was important, because it would allow for a parent to keep one hand on the child and the other hand free to grab the wipes, diaper or other supplies needed while your little “wiggle worm” kicks and squirms in protest.


We also heard complaints about having to carry multiple bags, because of the need for a cooler to keep milk or formula cold.  Our bag contains a built-in-cooler, that is access from an outside zipper, will help keep your drinks cold.


We decided to add some other useful feature that we all liked on other military products to increase the efficiency of this bag, so the bag included a cell phone pocket on the right shoulder strap as well as a car keys pocket on the left shoulder strap, both for quick access.  Incorporated into the middle compartment is a pocket for a Hydration System, a built in water bladders (hydration packs and a hole to facilitate the drinking tube at the top for the bag.


We hope you enjoy our product as much as we have.